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“Opportunity is frequently missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”

The Vision

Cat's vision - SmallFor most if not all companies around the world, sales professionals and their managers are extremely important strategic assets who will eventually make or break the success of a company. As such they should and must be identified, evaluated and selected with the best possible methodology and deliverables.

It is also a pretty tough job, especially in the current global economic climate, not only to find that sales talent but also to make sure it can be developed and retained for a very long period of time. Hence, the cost for any company to replace a member of its professional sales team and re-train the successor is just huge and must be avoided as much as possible. This is particularly true for Small and Medium sized Businesses in every sector around the globe. As business people ourselves we have continuously seen throughout our careers, that finding dependable and affordable professional services in this specific domain, is not easy to say the least.

The global economy has been, for the last 60 years, a continuous roller coaster of ups and downs and, no matter how steep a crisis is, it will ultimately revive into strong demand and so will therefore the need for professional sales talent! These combined few facts of paramount importance for every business, have been the basis for the strategic and tactical setup of Salesmen4U.com.

The Mission

Astronaut mission - SmallWith that Vision in our heads, we have founded Salesmen4U.com as an international service organization specialized solely in recruiting, retaining and developing professional sales teams for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) around the world. It has its corporate headquarters in Brussels and has or plans to have points of presence in many countries and/or regions in the world.

S4U have decided to focus on the particular ecosystem of SME’s because we, as SME-entrepreneurs ourselves, do know them very well and we firmly believe that, in the future, global economy will be more and more influenced by these small and medium sized businesses due to their abilities to adapt more rapidly to an ever faster changing world. We therefore feel that they also deserve the best possible and affordable solutions for creating their own great sales team(s).

Based on that fact we have developed our value proposition on a methodology of high quality deliverables, true value for money and proven trustfulness. We are fully convinced that our very rigid focus on these unique selling points will enable us to achieve our mission statement …

“To become the affordable, well trusted, high quality driven and international top player for creating great and highly motivated sales teams for the small and medium sized enterprises around the world.”

Knowledge of the Client:

Strategy chess - smallIf we want to create a great sales team by finding the right talent, we must first take our time to understand our clients and learn how they drive their business. Furthermore is it imperative that we also learn about the environment in which that sales team will need to operate. This key knowledge is the cornerstone of our operation.

Experience and expertise:

There are many industrial sectors and geographical regions in the global business world and all have their specific characteristics. A lot of SME’s have sales personnel on board or are planning to take them on board, no matter what industry they are active in.

One absolute fact about us is that we can’t do it all by ourselves!!! The obvious strategic choice to set up a network of experienced partners to fullfil the needs for that expertise, was therefore pretty obvious and very quickly made. Having a qualified Authorized Partner from Salesmen4U.com as a trusted advisor with domain knowledge for our Clients to discuss how to create their great sales team, is most certainly a huge added value.

Specific methodology:

The key to quality is an outstanding process! That ‘s the reason why we have developed Q-METH, a specific methodology that is based on operational excellence, common sense and well defined sequential steps. The stringent and controlled implementation and usage, is the absolute key for the success of our missions and a guarantee for our Clients on the return of investment. It will also create very clear expectations for both our Clients and us in terms of mission timing. More detailed information on the methodology can be found on the pages related to our clear value proposition.

High quality deliverables:

No methodology is worthwhile mentioning, without having the proper high quality deliverables one can and should expect. You will see in the details of our value proposition, that many steps in the methodology will produce clear deliverables for our internal operations as well as for our Clients in order to track, monitor, discuss and/or eventually change where needed, the ongoing missions so that the initially defined process timeline can be kept.

Market knowledge:

Next to knowing our Clients and their business environment, it is also very important to know the Candidates and more specifically their ability to deliver, their professional orientation profile and not the least, their true talent for being a sales professional.


When a company decides to target its solutions towards Small and Medium sized Enterprises such as we have done, it must equally accept the challenge of defining an affordable pricing model. Many of our founding and authorized Partners have worked in SME’s most of their life and understand this particularly well. Although we don’t have a fixed pricing table, we guarantee that all our price proposals will be very competitive with and cheaper than the market standards while we guarantee a well defined process and high quality deliverables.

Global availability:

While in many cases our missions will probably be limited to one country only, we know that many SME’s are having or thinking about having foreign (sales) offices. As such, we strongly believe that it is an additional benefit for our Clients and a very important asset for S4U, to have an international network of authorized Partners who are trained to supply the same complete quality based value proposition and methodology.

Focus and specialization:

Value prop - smallWe do strongly believe that, in our days and in order to deliver constant high quality, a company needs to become a specialist in a domain it knows very well and take the benefits of that specialization to make their Clients better in what they do and how they do it. Having been in sales and management for many years ourselves and in various industries, we know that “creating great sales teams” is much more a matter of personal talent, focus and ability to deliver, than it is a matter of product or service expertise, although the latter should not be underestimated either.

Rigorous methodology:

As said on multiple occasions in other pages on this site, we reckon that high quality must remain the only driving force and bench mark for the measurement of our activities and deliverables.

We therefore developed Q-METH, a specific and unique methodology that combines what we have defined as the indispensable components of our missions. Together with our organizational structure, the expertise of our experienced Partners and a very competitive pricing model, this methodology constitutes the bulk of our true value for money or “value proposition”.

There are of course many complementary details about Q-Meth that are available or can be discussed with our potential Clients, but you will no doubt understand that a web site is not the right place for us to put it all into the public domain. After all, there is no reason to make our competitors better or cleverer.

Broad experience and service offering:

Our Partners can bring the necessary domain expertise needed for our Clients to create their own great sales team(s). They can indeed assist with a range of other services including Consultancy, Assessment of people and/or team(s), Coaching programs and Training requirements. Moreover, countries and geographical regions across the globe have specific cultural characteristics and in most cases also different common business practices which make it imperative for any global operation in our domain to “think global and act local”.

That translates for S4U in not only the need for local Authorized Partners in the different geographical points of presence, but equally in some of the industry sectors that have specific demands on domain expertise and/or –practices for their sales force.

Walk the talk:

As entrepreneurs, we have seen the importance of not just the words but more importantly, the acts! We have experienced in many cases what it can mean if a business does not deliver to its claims. A famous 20th century general said that “strategy is the easy thing … tactical deployment is the difficult one”. We do strongly believe in that one liner and will endeavour and enforce the “walk the talk”-principle throughout our organization and in everything we do.

Partner Support Program:

Global Org - smallObviously, just looking for the right Partners with the right experience and expertise, will not do the job! We know that. Next to a pretty stringent selection program for our future partners, they will also need to follow Q-TRAIN, a mandatory HQ organized start-up certification program covering an in depth overview of our vision, our mission and our strategic choices so that each of them understands what Salesmen4U.com stands for and how they should and must behave in the company and, more importantly, with the Clients.

The bulk of the training will be about the strict implementation of and adherence to Q-METH, the unique company methodology. This section of the training will not only cover the “what” and the “how” but also the “why” of Q-Meth.

The HQ functions will support our Partners in their daily operations, supply advice on specific business related issues and help on various operational components. All of the mission deliverables to our Clients are centrally developed and maintained in order to guarantee the same level of quality, professionalism and presentation. They are mandatory stored in Q-BASE, our central CRM-database and will be regularly monitored and controlled on their consistency, quality and content.

It is to be noted that our Partners might be withdrawn from missions and/or eventually even from the list of authorized Partners, if they repetitively fail to protect the integrity of our vision, our methodology and/or our ability as an organization, to deliver what we promise.

Values diamant - smallIntegrity

Because that’s the only way our founders have done business and because they feel that integrity is the only basis for sound, productive and efficient realtionships with their Clients. It’s also how they want our Employees and Partners to interact with each other so that there are as few hidden agenda’s as possible. Integrity means amongst others, that one has to be honest but is also means that sometimes bad news needs to be said, no matter what. Although integrity is very much a people oriented value, we are convinced that companies too can strive to being integer at all times.


One could argue that respect should be a part of integrity! We agree to some extend but we also think that in itself, respect is an extra dimension for a company to treat all of its stake holders with, so that they in turn can treat the company in the same way. Respect teaches people to tell the truth, both internally and externally, so that wrong expectations can be avoided whereever possible.


At Salesmen4U we believe that any entrepreneur needs to have a solid bagage of perseverance in order not to give up while being so close to success! We believe that we shall make the difference in a very competitive market not only by having good vision, strategy and tactics but equally to go the extra mile for our Clients. Q-METH, our unique methodology, is a perfect example that, at S4U, “going that extra mile” comes as standard and not as an expensive premium.


Just in case you would be tempted to read through most of this website which by the way we would encourage, you’ll see that we really are very serious in what we say and what we do! Perseverance only has not been enough to push our founders to come this far! They needed lots of passion too in order to pull it off. Passion for the profession of sales, passion for entrepreneurship, passion for the SME community and last but not least, passion to start their own thing after having been doing it for decades for others. They are now fully geared up to share this huge passion with their Clients, their Partners and their Employees alike.


Work hard … party hard! Fun is the icing or the cherry on the cake. It’s what makes us do it and continue to do it with the same integrity, respect, perseverance and passion every single day of the week. Fun is the glue without which nothing of the above values would be sustainable for longer periods of time. Fun in the job – and sometimes after the job too  – is what, at the end of the day, makes the difference between just work and a great venture! Fun is what many companies in this world should need to discover and turn into a very powerful ally, indeed.

Fun is what we’ll try to bring to our Clients so that they too can have their own great sales team!

Management Team

Julien Anno OK-LR-Smaller ModifiedJulien Anno – Chief Executive Officer (Brussels)

Since September 2012 fully focussed on Salesmen4U !
Over 40 years of experience in Sales of which 25 at managerial levels in various international companies in IT and consumer electronics. Both B2B and B2C as well as international responsibilities.
He held positions of Sales Professional, Sales mgr, Business unit mgr, Marketing mgr, General mgr, managing Director, Regional Director Western Europe and Statutary Director at several multi national and Belgian companies.
He was a former member of the Board of Directors of Exact Software EMEA-APAC.