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"Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming."


Sell on keyboard -SmallAt Salesmen4U we feel that we are indeed a bunch of lucky guys who, unlike many other companies in the world, do have two Clients in each of their projects! On the one hand, the customer who not only pays our invoices but also relies heavily on us to help him make his business better and more efficient and on the other hand the candidate who, thanks to S4U, will ultimately help the customer in making his plans come through.

We are strong believers that our candidates deserve good advice for their careers and more importantly, the best selection process available in the market. This section of our website is therefore especially dedicated to our valued candidates but also to other people who might be interested in a sales function.

By reading the contents of this section, you might from time to time think that we’re overdoing in our selection processes! However, please consider that we are really serious in what we do and how we do it. If a recent employee survey in the USA with over 800,000 people has shown that the 2 most important reasons why people leave an employer are on the absolute  #1 the “Boss” and on #2 “the company culture”, you can imagine that we are dedicating quite some time and effort to find out if there is a “match” in the candidate’s profile and details. Hence, we believe that both our Customer and our Candidates deserve therefore the highest quality processes.

No matter if we currently have such an opening or not, you may find some of the content very interesting. For example, if you’d consider going in sales but are not sure if that’s something for you, we recommend reading the different tabs on this page because they do contain information that you will find of value to quickly check your abilities for having a sales function. They’re not fail safe in all cases but it’s a good start anyway.

In all eventualities, we would encourage you to upload your detailed CV into our well protected database systems so that we can match incoming functions and let you know if something interesting for you has arrived. You can find the “Upload your CV”-button at the top of the page.

Have fun and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

E-mail: candidates@Salesmen4U.com

Points of attention

“Many of life’s failures were people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up!”
Important when applying for a job:

Taking these few simple guidelines and pieces of advice into serious consideration, are a good way for you to start any job application and a definite improvement of your chances to ultimately get it as well.

  • Be yourself and be natural at all times!Ball with text JOB - Small Doing so will improve your self-confidence, keep better control of your nerves and enable you to listen to the other side of the table.
  • Don’t enhance your CV or worse, lie!
    There is always the risk that people will ask questions on those elements or worse … ask for reference letters. Lies will always catch up on you and in many countries they will be a legal basis for potential immediate lay-offs when discovered.
  • Be concise and to the point in your CV and interview!
    It should never be more than 2/3 single sided A4-pages and don’t write a full page just on how good you are. That should be obvious from your experiences and results, not from your own words. Don’t forget that good sales people must be able to synthesize. A CV is a good place to start!
  • Listen carefully to the questions in the interview!
    Think it over for a few seconds before starting to talk and again, be concise in what you say. It’s not the quantity of words but the quality that will make the difference. Don’t forget to ask further clarification if you don’t fully get the question. That’s what sales people do, right?
  • Don’t try to overdo in your interview!
    Again, be yourself and be natural. It’s the best way for you to present yourself as you are. After all, it’s what we are looking for anyway and we do have ways to find out.
  • Suit and tie are no longer a necessity during interviews!
    But neither are jeans and sport shoes. Just make sure your dress code is descent so that we can see how you would present yourself to a potential customer.
  • And finally ask the interviewer for feedback at the end! 
    It’s good to have an idea on the impression you left during the interview and it might even give you a small clue on your chances for the function.


“It is possible to fail in many ways while to succeed is possible in only one way!”
How to improve your resume:

Did you know that worldwide over 70% of applicants’ CV’s are not well presented and may even sometimes be harmful to one’s later career?

    CV image with mouse - Small

  • First of all and most important … don’t lie! We said it before, so don’t forget that we will anyway check the details of your CV before taking it into consideration for the long list.
  • Avoid or better don’t use “cliché”-wording such as “looking for a dynamic company” or “looking for the next challenge” or “I am a passionate person”.
  • Don’t write a book and be concise. Remember that people, if interested, will call you or plan an interview to get more details of who you are and what you stand for.
  • Your CV is just the start of the cycle. It’s the easy part. Do not think that your CV only will grant you the job. Prepare yourself while writing it and think about the questions that we might throw.
  • Your CV will however determine if you are IN or OUT of the long list for a certain function. Hence, it deserves your time to think it over and do it right.
  • Don’t pay somebody to write or improve your CV! It will look exactly like many other CV’s and we do know them by now. It’s your personal CV and it should therefore be written by yourself. If it does not match with the impression we later get during the interview, guess what will happen. You may not even get as far as an interview!
  • Just look at LinkedIn.com and how they organize the presentation of your own profile page. It’s a good way to build and present your CV.


Success  is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that  counts.” 
Are you really a sales talent:

Many people around the world only think about the money, the company cars, the parties and the freedom that sales people have. And for the successful ones, we can confirm that those things are indeed part of the job. However, there are also a high number of job requirements or -activities that are not as glittering.

Ball with text MONEY - SmallIf you want to quickly find out if you do have the “basics” in place for a sales job, then rate the following questions and we’ll tell you on the spot if it would be a good idea for you to try. But before you start, please be honest to yourself! If not, you might be wasting your own time.

A simple test:

    Give a score on a scale of 0 to 10 (0=Not at all, 5=Maybe, 10=No doubt at all) on each of the next 10 questions:

  • Are you prepared to sometimes work 60 hours a week, including evenings and WE’s?
  • Can you continuously handle heavy stress?
  • Can you live with (very) limited recognition of your performances?
  • Can you live 365 days a year for your job?
  • Can you handle rejection in over 95% of your first contacts?
  • Can you handle your temper at all times?
  • Can you handle a boss who knows best all the time?
  • Can you fully control yourself in your time management?
  • Are you willing to give yourself 24 months to really learn the job?
  • Are you willing to wait 5 years before envisaging the next career jump?

If your score is 70 or more, you might give it a try. If it is not, we do suggest a different type of function for you because it is unlikely that your profile will be able to cope with the daily reality of being a sales-professional.


Our recruiting cycle

Little man standing out - SmallWe do want to be fully transparent towards our candidates about the different steps of the recruiting cycle so that expectations can be clear for all parties.

Following sequential steps in the cycle will be mandatory:

  • Publishing of the job advert on our website and social media and request for applications;
  • Candidates submit a job application form and upload their CV into our CRM database;
  • S4U executes a thorough screening of all CV’s and reports back to customer with complete list of applicants;
  • The long list of approx. 8-10 candidates is agreed with the customer. All applicants get a feedback at this stage;
  • Long list candidates are invited by S4U to participate in a web based case study test related to the function;
  • Long list candidates are invited to a live or Skype based web cam interview with the handling Partner;
  • S4U reports results of case study tests and interviews back to the customer;
  • The short list of approx. 3 candidates is agreed with the customer. All long list candidates get feedback at this stage;
  • Short list candidates are invited to participate in a web based Personal Orientation Profile exercise;
  • S4U submits a complete Candidate Matching Form for every short list candidate to the Client;
  • Short list candidates are invited to participate in live interview with our customer and the handling S4U.com-partner;
  • Results are discussed with the customer and the final selected candidate is agreed upon;
  • Negotiations with the final candidate are initiated and signature of employment contract is done;
  • On day 1 of the candidates new function, the 4-month plan of S4U is initiated;

This complete cycle will take at least 6 to 10 weeks for sales professionals and 8 to 12 weeks for sales managers. These timelines may however change depending on the scope and/or complexity of the various missions.

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