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"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals! Adjust the action steps."

Our value proposition in short

  1. Salesmen4U is … Entrepreneurs delivering Solutions for Entrepreneurs;Successful man - small
  2. We are Businessmen who have worked most of our careers with Sales Professionals and Sales Teams;
  3. All our Certified Partners have at least 15 years of management experience in this particular area;
  4. We specialize solely in building and improving sales teams and offer solutions specifically designed for just that (see next tab);
  5. We have decided to focus and target our activities towards the Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) around the world;
  6. We have developed our own process, a special methodology and our own tools enabling us to produce high quality deliverables for every single project;
  7. We have very affordable and fixed prices for our projects so that our Clients exactly know the final cost from start;
  8. We are continuously extending our international network of Certified Partners enabling us to deliver our value proposition in other countries as well;
  9. We bring your Sales Team from being good to being great;


We therefore strongly support our mission statement … “To become the affordable, well trusted, high quality driven and international top player for creating great and highly motivated sales teams for the small and medium sized enterprises around the world.”

Our Solutions in a nut shell

Q-METH logoCreating a great sales team is not just a matter of finding the right sales person(s) for being part of that team!

Great sales teams work and live in a total environment which enables it to continuously perform well above average. It is therefore very important for us at Salesmen4U.com to have a very good understanding of what constitutes your particular environment, if we want to do a good job in helping you to create your great sales team.

This understanding has led us to develop Q-METH ,our own specialized methodology with its high quality tools and deliverables and to offer these in 5  “packaged Solutions“. They are mentioned in short below and can be offered seperatley or in any combination and at Fixed Prices.


Talent acquisition

Q-TAL logoWe use our own process, tools and specifically developped methodology for searching, finding and selecting the right candidate(s) for your proper Sales Team(s). And all of our Certified Partners, whereever they are operating, do use the same  enabling us to produce consistant high quality deliverables around the globe.


Change management (consultancy)

Q-GSP logoS4U-Partners can brainstorm with SME-owners and managers in order foremost to completely understand their current business environment. Armed with that knowledge, they then can consult these companies in setting up standard packaged programs such as Q-GSP for improving the development of their business at the front end.



Q-EVA logoNo single great team of (sales) people can be created and maintained without assessing its members on their ability to deliver results in the specific environment in which they have to operate! This is particularly true for sales professionals. Hence every SME should at least know sales “material” they have in place!



Q-COACH logoS4U does not have a catalogue of coaching solutions to choose from but we discuss with our clients their specific needs and objectives and define taylor made programs which can be based on individual or team coaching activities. We can also discuss so called frame agreements or combinations of success based coaching programs.



Q-TRAIN logoWe feel in that respect that, in order to bring our Clients’ Sales Teams from being good to being great, they are much more in need for hands on operational “Tips & Tricks” which we teach based on real life case studies. These trainings are heavily interactive and the case studies are developped to fit our Clients’ operational environments as close as possible so that the learnings can immediately be used in the field.


More information and details on these services can be found on this website page “Want a great sales team?” or just give us a call for a meeting. After all … talking does not cost a thing, does it?

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