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"Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go."

The Global market opportunity?

Market opp - smallIf you have arrived here, we assume that you have gone through the pages “About us”. If you have not, we strongly recommend you to do so because you will then fully understand some of the claims we are about to make in the next lines.

We have recently conducted an in depth global market survey of the SME-community and we have seen that the total worldwide opportunity for our services, is absolutely huge and relatively similar in virtually all countries around the world. Furthermore has that survey confirmed the fact that an international network of authorized Partners will generate a complementary stream of cross-border business in our “sweet spot” target market of international SME’s.

Furthermore are we convinced that together we can mean serious business for each other and a partnership with Salesmen4U.com will be highly beneficial for both parties. It will be a proven win-win situation, if and only if we all stick to our vision and Q-METH, the methodology of the company.

This vision and methodology have been very thoroughly discussed, decided and developed prior to the foundation of the company and the true success of our partners and ultimately of S4U, can be guaranteed if it is rigidly protected and executed at all times throughout the organization.

The criteria for becoming a partner

Criteria smallAn experienced businessman or -woman

As a typical self employed Authorized and Certified Partner for S4U, you are or have been a businessman and entrepreneur with a substantial personal network in your specific domain of expertise and have worked for at least 10 years in senior management functions where you were directly involved on a daily basis with sales professionals and -teams.
You must be willing to get out there and find, maintain and develop a suitable customer base and, most importantly, execute our companies’ value proposition and methodology.

Experience in recruiting not needed

Experience in the recruitment sector is not required because we count much more on your experience as a manager having worked extensively with sales people. S4U will train and support you in your daily activities by taking full advantage of its value proposition and marketing materials to find clients and deliver them our services. We shall of course also train and support you to use Q-METH, the unique methodology for executing our missions.

Share our vision

Finally, it will be of utmost importance for you to understand, subscribe and adhere to the vision and strategy of S4U, since they will be the strong guardians of your and our combined long term success and growth.
In later phases we shall also be looking specifically to add Partners with experience and expertise in Consultancy, Assessment, Coaching and/or Training for sales professionals and –teams.

Our guarantees

We shall not be paying you, as a self employed Partner, any fixed salaries or monthly retainers but we guarantee you the major part of your clients’ revenue and earnings and we shall not request any yearly fees for being a member of our Partner network. However, we shall be requesting the payment of a very reasonable one time amount of 3,000€ as your entry fee. See further information on this fee in the section “What’s in it for you?”.
Please note that, as earlier said, we have done substantial market research and that, based on those results, the number of open Partner functions will be defined and limited for each country so that you have a true business opportunity. In a later phase, we then can grow the number of partners in relation to the local performances and business development.

Should you be interested in this proposal, then please get in contact with us as soon as possible and we’ll set up a SKYPE-chat session to give you further details. The signature of an NDA may be required later for some of the more detailed materials and business plans. You can also use the Partner inquiry form.

E-mail: partners@Salesmen4U.com

What is in it for you?

The short version?
    Benefits for partner-small
  • We provide the foundation, the strategic decisions, the tactical deployment of the operation, the methodology, the legal frame work, the training and support on the job, the back office and organization, the network, cross border spin off business, regular partner events and last but not least the daily support and necessary marketing activities.
  • You provide your domain expertise, the new Clients, the right execution of the methodology and your personal commitment and professionalism.
  • And to finish up, we guarantee that you get 70% of the revenue and a decent bonus regulation.


The entry fee?

This one time amount of 3,000€ is first of all very important for us as it is the tangible and solid confirmation of your personal commitment to the vision of S4U. As you can imagine, we shall also need to invest quite some time and effort in training you for the job and supporting you extensively on a regular basis, at least for the first year, in order to make sure that you can deliver our vision and, not the least, our Clients’ expectations.

This entry fee will however also cover following costs:

  • the initial 3-day “Introduction to S4U”-training or Q-TRAIN;
  • the hotel accommodation during this training including breakfasts, lunches and two evening diners;
  • the monthly user fees of Q-BASE, our cloud based CRM system, for the first 12 months;
  • the cloud hosting of your personal MS Exchange mailbox(es);
  • all the necessary localized stationary and visit cards that you will need;

More detailed information on the entry fee will become available during the certification process of the Partner.


The commission scheme?

We have said before that you will not receive any fixed monthly salary or retainer but you shall earn the major part of your clients’ revenue, right?

Here’s how it works:

  • All proposals and subsequent invoices to Clients will be made through and by S4U and will be payable by the Clients to S4U-accounts. We shall take the cost and effort for managing the receivables;
  • You will earn 70% of all NET revenue made by S4U to your Clients or 60% of NET revenue to Clients allocated to you by S4U;
  • You will be entitled to a performance based year end BONUS-regulation of up to 5%;
  • All commissions will be paid within 5 days after having received the related payment from the Client;
  • S4U will send a request for invoice to the Partners as soon as they issue an invoice to the Client;

More detailed information on the commission scheme will become available during the certification process of the Partner.


The initial 3-day training or Q-TRAIN?

Please note that the travel costs to go to the training site will be at the expense of the Partner and that we are expecting the participants to arrive the evening prior to the start of Q-TRAIN which will be organized at least on a monthly basis.

Below is a rough content of Q-TRAIN:

  • Day 1: in depth interactive sessions on the Vision, the Mission, the Strategy, the Tactical deployment choices and the Value proposition.
  • Day 2: a full day on Q-METH, the companies’ methodology, its deliverables and the use of the standard documents.
  • Day 3: an operational training on Q-BASE, our cloud CRM system and lots of pratical information and advise on your start-up period and actions. A final feedback- and Q&A-round will end Q-TRAIN around 16:00h.

More detailed information on the Q-TRAIN will become available during the certification process of the Partner.


Other details?

The partnership contract will be one between S4U and the self employed Partner as an individual person and not i.e. the Partners’ company. Indeed, a personal network, domain expertise and experience and the ability to subscribe to our companies’ “basics”, is not within the capabilities of companies but only of individual persons!

If several qualified people within the same company want to become an authorized S4U-Partner, a separate Partner contract will be necessary for each individual Partner. A Partner contract can never be transferred to a company or any other person.

However, all financial transactions between S4U and the contracted Partners will take place through a selected company of his/her choice. This will commonly be the Partners’ own company of course. The way the Partner will handle the fincancials between that selected company and himself, is the sole responsibility of the Partner and can not be facilitated by S4U. However, we shall of course and if required, be able to advise you on the set up of your own company.

More detailed information on the S4U Partner contract will become available during the certification process of the Partner.

Area’s or Countries with current open functions

  • Belgium, the Netherlands and the G.d. of Luxemburg
  • The UK and Ireland
  • Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • France and Spain
  • Sweden, Norway, Denmark
  • The USA and Canada

For more information and details, please check page “Our open jobs” on this website.

If you country or area is not (yet) mentioned in the list for reasons of our phased approach, please send us anyway an enquiry or an Email to partners@Salesmen4U.com and we’ll for sure investigate the opportunity with you. Thank you.

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