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Q-GSP Workshop logo“Back to organic growth”

If you are an SMB entrepreneur, building a great sales team is most probably the best place for you to start working on your future growth plans!

In fact building a sales team is not a very difficult challenge at all and publishing a few adverts in a newspaper or on a job board will probably give you a decent number of CV’s from which to choose. However, building AND retaining a “GREAT” sales team is a totally different ball game! Great sales teams only grow and thrive when the total company environment is fully accepting, recognizing and supporting its own sales operations!

Furthermore companies should not “choose” their salesmen on a written CV but carefully “evaluate and select” them based on objective criteria and tools. Failing to do so is for any entrepreneur at some point in time, the start of a very dangerous and in many cases fatal cascade of events which ultimately will result in financial turmoil or worse.

These 2 hour interactive workshops are open to every interested businessman or -woman who would want to know if his/her situation is or might be in the process of getting there or simply if he/she wants to know what to do for preventing this from happening. We’ll talk about facts and examples to stress the potential situations and the signs that might predict a problem or danger area. We’ll also show what could be done to find potential solutions and give you an honnest idea of the cost and time involved to go back to “organic growth”!.

The Q-GSP Workshops are FREE of charge for Entrepreneurs of SMBs but prior reservation and acceptance is required. They will be organized regularly and in several locations.


Please contact us for the next planned Q-GSP Worshop.

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