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   Q-NEWS     of March 2014 

 Latest news:
  • Salesmen4u opens second office in France near Dijon to cover the Dijon-Lyon area in the east of the country.xt Partner Certification trainings will be organized at the headquarters from 19 to 21 March and 21 to 23 April 2014.
  • Salesmen4u will participate in the 2014 Tech Startup day which will take place at CO.STATION on April 24 in Brussels. (www.techstartupday.wordpress.com)

introduction: our first q-news!

After nearly a full year of hard start up labour for putting the right foundation in place, we all felt it was time to develop a platform for regular contact with people interested in Sales and sales related topics. We will therefore do our utmost to not harass you with plain advertising or telling you just how good we are!

What we shall include in these Q-NEWS issues is short practical information on new services, customer and/or candidate reference stories, links to interesting articles on Sales, a slice of humour, etc.

So here it is and if you have constructive remarks, please let me know.

Thanks and best regards.

Julien Anno – CEO and Founder


why (sales) people leave companies!

A couple of years ago The Gallup Organization published a very interesting book by Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman on this subject and the conclusions were, to say the least, pretty impressive. The book was all about a related survey taken amongst more than 1,000,000 employees and 80,000 managers.

I have to admit, to my personal astonishment, that I did not expect the absolute number 1 reason to be … the Boss! The study added to this point that “People leave managers not companies!and further down it read “The manager is the reason why people stay and thrive in an organization and the manager is also the reason why they leave!”.

Anyway, it’s not really what I think that matters but the raw truth, right? So if you want to read the 35 page recap, you can download the eBook version from Amazon for around 5€. It’s worth every cent. Have fun!

Martin Gaese – Certfied Partner – Köln- Germany

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OUR assessment program is now fully available!

As you might have seen on our website, our services do also include assessment projects of existing sales people or -teams. These “sales”-assessments are primarily based on some of the tools and deliverables of Q-METH, our selection and evaluation methodology for talent acquisition but obviously with different purposes.

Prices are fixed and all included and start from 1,250€ per sales person.

As an example, for a sales team comprising 4 sales pro’s and their sales manager, the total cost would be 5.750€, all included and the timeline needed would not exceed 4 weeks from intake meeting to finalization. Available from now on!

For more information just click the button or visit our website!

S4U Headquarters – Brussels – Belgium

I might have a case    


a great reference story from The netherlands!

This is what we got from this Client after finalizing the Talent acquisition project for a Senior Sales Professional.

“It was a bit weird not to see any tangible results of their process during the first four weeks. Somewhat different from most others who seem to find CV’s within a couple of days. However, if you compare the results at the end of their 10 week process, the difference became very obvious. Finally a company who has practical sales and business experience itself and the first who spent time to understand our company culture. Additionally, their process, tools and expertise are really specialized for sales people and delivered the results we were looking for. Would definitely hire them again!”

Hartger Ruijs – CEO of COMPUTEST Group BV – Zoetermeer – The Netherlands 

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Great sales Talent only won’t do the job!

Great sales teams can only grow, exist and continuously perform to a high standard, if the total environment surrounding them in the company is right!

That total environment is built by the companies’ culture and leadership, its structure and processes and finally its talent. For us it is therefore of paramount importance to know and understand it before we could even start with any project tailored to create a great sales team for that company. Hence, such a project doesn’t necessarily always mean talent acquisition activities.

The page “Want a great sales team?” of our website can give you much more details and hints on this particularly important subject. But we’d of course also be glad to come over and talk to you about the different possibilities, no strings attached!

Denis Laurent – Certified Partner – Dijon – France

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the hunter and the retriever!

A guy goes duck hunting and wants to hire a dog to retrieve the catch.

“I have just the dog for you, sir!” says the gamekeeper. “He’s called Salesman and he is brilliant.” Off they go and every time the hunter shoots a bird, Salesman runs off and brings the bird back just as he was hired to do. A great success!

The following year, the same guy goes back and asks for Salesman as he was so good last year.

“Ah, I’m sorry sir” said the gamekeeper “but it won’t work anymore. Someone had the bright idea of calling him Sales Manager. Now he just sits on his arse and barks all day”.

The Newsletter team


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Contributors to this month’s Q-NEWS:  Julien Anno (HQ), Martin Gaese (Germany), Denis Laurent (France), Joking Jack (HQ)