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   Q-NEWS     of May 2014 

In this issue: 
  • Our very first Q-MIX Partner meeting
  • Feature article: Leading from above the line (by Steve Satterwhite)
  • Interview: Why did I join Salesmen4U as a Certified Partner in France?
  • Internal Sales Pro’s now also included in our Talent Acquisition services
  • Partner article: Would you settle for “average”?
  • The Joke of the month
 Latest news:
  • Next Partner Certification trainings will be organized at the headquarters from 11 to 13 June 2014.
  • First Q-MIX Partner meeting held at Brussels’ HQ’s on May 6, 2014.
  • Internal Sales pro’s now also included in our talent acquisition services!

our very first Q-MIX partner meeting!

On March 30, 2014 we had our first birthday here at Salesmen4U.

High time to make a first evaluation of what went well, what not so well and what eventually needed to be added or modified. We therefore invited all people from the field, our valued Certified Client Partners, on Tuesday May 6 to Q-MIX, a full day of discussions and workshops at the headquarters on the strategic and tactical foundations of the company.

We decided that only some minor changes to the Talent Acquisition process were necessary in the area of the communications to our Clients during the first four weeks of the process when we do the identification and selection of the candidates. We gave an overview of the financial year-to-date information and had a workshop on the further deployment of the training services offering of the company.

All participants appreciated the Q-MIX platform which will be a yearly event. The next Q-MIX will be organized in September ’14 after closing of the first complete fiscal year (FY14).

I wish to thank all contributors for their time, their effort and their suggestions.

Julien Anno – CEO and Founder



feature article: leading from above the line!

I recently read a short eBook from Steve Satterwhite on this subject and it started with this quote:

In the wake of the great recession, in businesses and organizations around the world, we have a crisis on our hands. But it’s not the crisis we all think it is and talk about. It’s worse. Let me explain. Here’s the crisis we think we have and the one we’re all talking about: Employee Engagement.”

The second page of this eBook, again based on a recent study of the GALLUP Organization, really blew me away! Here’s why: this study says … that 63% of all employees are “not engaged” and 24% are “actively disengaged” in the company they work for!!!

By “Actively Disengaged“, we’re talking about people who aren’t just unhappy at work. They’re busy acting out their unhappiness. Every day, these workers undermine what their engaged co-workers are trying to accomplish. These are the people that come to work every day actively looking for ways to bring the organization down.

That’s 1 person out of every 4 and of the remaining 3, 2 basically don’t care what happens with the company!!! Staggering, right? More to be found on the FREE eBook.

S4U headquarters – Brussels – Belgium

  I want to know more …  



Why did i join salesmen4u as a certified partner in france?

In our very first Q-NEWS issue of last March, we announced the opening of a new representative office for France headed by Denis Laurent in the Dijon area. We have therefore asked him what made him decide to join Salesmen4U as a Certified Client Partner.

Q-NEWS: Hi Denis and thank you for your time. So tell us a bit more about your career.”

Denis: “Since more than 30 years, my professional career has been driven essentially by commercial activities in the area of IT-services and CRM-software. I held various functions as a sales person, team leader and later as sales director with P&L responsibility in large, medium and small organizations.”

Q-NEWS: “30 years huh! I guess some of the reasons to join Salesmen4U started there?”

Denis: “You see, finding sales talent, … read more.

 Webmaster & Denis Laurent – Certified Partner – Dijon – France

I too might be interested to join    


internal sales pro’s now also included in talent acquisition!

A few customers recently asked us if we also could help them with finding suitable Internal Sales people. At first we were not planning to do so, but when one makes a claim to “Create great sales teams” for its customers, one needs to go all the way and accept this pretty logical thinking of these customers, isn’t it?

So after a short discussion at the recent Partner meeting, we decided that it was indeed an excellent addition to our talent acquisition services. We of course don’t use the complete Q-METH methodology but those components that make sense.

Missions start as low as 4,000 EURO.

For more information, just give us a call.

Julien Anno – S4U headquarters – Brussels – Belgium

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would you settle for “average”?

Then why would you settle for “average” salesmen?

Our combined experience of more than 100 years in handling sales professionals and –teams, learns that not more than 1 out of every 10 sales pro’s can be called “a great sales talent”!

Of the 9 remaining, more than 50% are “average”, some 15% are outright “bad” and only 25% could be called “good”. If you then bring in the shocking conclusions of the article in this newsletter about the employee engagement crisis called “Leading from above the line”, things can go really bad very quickly!

The reasons for “average” or “bad” performance are various but the lack of sound “entrepreneurship” is with high certainty … read more.

Martin Gaese – Certified Partner – Köln – Germany

 I want to find out more …   


the indian and the canadian sales guy!

A salesman is driving toward home in northern Ontario when he sees an Indian thumbing for a ride on the side of the road.
As the trip had been long and quiet, he stops the car and the Indian gets in.

After a bit of small talk, the Indian notices a brown bag on the front seat. “What’s in bag?”, the Indian asks the driver.

The driver says, “It’s a bottle of wine. I got it for my wife.”

The Indian is silent for a moment then says, “Good trade.”

Joking Jack & The S4U Newsletter team

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Contributors to this month’s Q-NEWS:  Julien Anno (HQ), Martin Gaese (Germany), Denis Laurent (France), Joking Jack (HQ), S4U webmaster (HQ)