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"Pray that success will not come any faster than you can endure it"

Q-METH Introduction

Total environment

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Increasing your company’s sales peformance (growth) is unfortunately not just a matter of finding the right sales person(s)!

Great sales teams work and live in a total environment which enables them to continuously perform well above average. Such an environment will be different for every company and is build up from what that company produces, how it is organized, its culture and leadership, its internal communications, its logistics, etc.

It is therefore very important for us at Salesmen4U.com to have a very good understanding of what constitutes your particular environment, if we want to do a good job in helping you to substatially increase your sales performance and create your own great sales team.

In many cases, improving your sales performance will indeed not be limited to just getting new salesmen on board! Sometimes SMEs should also need to consider as to how they could …

  • (re)organize their sales organization and the rewarding model(s);
  • assess their teams’ and/or individuals’ performances and abilities to deliver;
  • define their strategic and tactical priorities and how to deploy them;
  • define their channel(s) to market;
  • in an indirect sales model, organize, develop and reward their reseller or distributor network;
  • in a direct sales model, define their target and sweet spot customers, the total and specific available markets and the accelerators for the business development;
  • just brainstorm on various business development topics with somebody having a fresh and maybe different view on the company and the potential alternative solutions;
  • etc…


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That’s why we have developed our own methodology called Q-METH to standardize the different services that could be needed by our Clients for creating their own “great sales team(s)”. These methodologies are “packaged solutions” and can be defined and quantified upfront. They can also be offered as a whole or as seperate modules.

As an indication, we show you below a few prices of some standard packaged services (Western European prices):

  • a Q-GSP 5-day CAW (Company Assessment Workshop): 7,500€
  • a Q-EVA evaluation process for a Senior salesman (per person): 750€
  • a Q-TAL recruitment project for a senior sales professional: 14,500€
  • A GSP Online software subscription (per user / per month): 30€


Now to finalize the introduction … a few important facts about the “naked reality of company life”!

  • Of every 100 start-up companies, 75 go bankrupt in the course of the first 3 years and of the remaining 25, only 1 at best succeeds in becoming a successful medium-sized enterprise!
  • In Belgium over 10,000 businesses go out of business every year and not all of them are self employed people or very small companies! By deduction, we reckon that in the Western world, we are probably talking about more than 10,000,000 businesses a year!
  • Of all new worldwide “perfect ideas” at start-up time, 99,9% are doomed to disappear due to unexpectedly steep competition, a hostile takeover, inadequate funding or more commonly, bad or non-existent foundations.
  •  Of ALL companies in any vertical market niche,only a maximum of 5%  at best can be found in the “LEADERS” area of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant! The remaining 95% are struggling hard every day to (at best) either “get there” or “hang on”. In other words they “participate” in that market space but do not “influence” it (yet). For most of them it is much worse even than that … they slowly die without realising it until it is too late.
  •  Our experience sadly tells us that over 90% of our today’s SMEs do not have a proper detailed 5-year rolling business plan with the strategic and tactical choices and decisions for their operations!

Very scary, isn’t it? So if you’re in doubt about your own company situation, you have nothing to lose in talking to us.

The next tabs will give you a little more detail about these differenct Solutions.

Q-GSP: Change management projects


“They invented it millions of years ago!”

Many SME’s around the world don’t have an internal organization able to support their decision making processes for their Sales and Marketing operations. Often they have been created from excellent manufacturing skills or have grown so rapidly that they could not give enough time and attention to strategic thinking and tactical deployment on the “commercial” (or front end) side of the business.

We said before on a couple of occasions, that getting good sales pro’s only will not automatically guarantee organic growth! In fact, any sales team in any industry, will fail without the necessary sound foundation in strategic choices and, more importantly, in the tactical deployment decisions.

S4U-Partners can brainstorm with SME-owners and managers in order foremost to completely understand their current business environment. Armed with that knowledge, they then can consult these companies in setting up programs, such as Q-GSP with its fixed prices and well defined time line and deliverablesfor improving the development of their business on the front end.

Our S4U-Change management Solutions can include but are not limited to, i.e. …

  • defining a project to re-install an acceptable organic growth path
  • (re)defining the companies’ strategic choices;
  • making or improving its tactical deployment plans;
  • (re)oranization of sales operations; 
  • (re)thinking of the distribution models and implications;
  • (re)defining of the marketing mix and the sales organization;
  • Etc…

Q-EVA: Assessment exercises


“Her assessment said … safe!”

No single great team of people can be created and maintained without assessing its members on their ability to deliver results in the specific environment in which they have to operate! This is particularly true for sales professionals.

If the right foundation is readily available in a company, it is therefore always a sensible thing to first assess the current team to the full extend.

We indeed have seen on some occasions that the reasons for failing sales results, were sometimes not, as thought, the sales professionals but in fact the sales manager! We also have knowledge of companies where just one single sales person, although in pure numbers a good performer, did ruin the drive and motivation and, subsequently, the success of the total Sales and Marketing organization of that company, bringing it nearly to bankruptcy.

Hence, before starting on a journey to create a Great Sales team, companies should therefore at least think about doing an assessment of all the people directly involved in the sales operations and preferably also of those supporting them, if any, such as their manager, internal sales, secretaries and marketing.

These solutions are based on our function related Case study tests and our Personal Orientation Profiling test, which is an extensive web based exercise with which we define a person’s personal orientation in business. This is not a “good or bad” evaluation but rather information that gives us a better idea of the environment in which a given person would perform.

The overall picture of such a team assessment, would definitely give us the first cornerstone to start building a great sales team for our customers.

Q-TAL: Talent Acquisition processes


“This one definitely has talent!”

For most if not all companies around the world, sales professionals and their managers are extremely important strategic assets who will eventually make or break the success of a company. As such they should and must be identified, evaluated and selected with the best possible methodology and deliverables.It is also a pretty tough job, especially in the current global economic climate, not only to find that sales talent but also to make sure that that talent can be developed and retained for a very long period of time. Hence, the cost for any company to replace a member of its professional sales team and re-train the successor is just huge and must be avoided as much as possible. This is particularly true for Small and Medium sized Businesses in every sector around the globe.

As business people ourselves we have continuously seen throughout our careers, that finding dependable and affordable professional services in this specific domain, is not easy to say the least.

The global economy has, for the last 200 years, been a continuous roller coaster of ups and downs and, no matter how steep a crisis is, it will ultimately revive into strong demand and so will therefore the need for professional sales talent!

You will be able to find all possible details on these activities on the “About us”– pages and more specifically in the ‘Our Value Proposition’-section.

However, if you prefer a more funky way for getting to know these solutions, please watch the video on the home page.

Q-COACH: Coaching programs


“Clear coaching in pratice!”

Even with the right foundation in place and the right staffing, many companies are continuously searching for ways to improve the performance of their sales team, and so they should.

Furthermore, we know from experience that retaining sales professionals for a long period of time is very difficult or even sometimes virtually impossible in certain industries such as the Information & Communication Technology. To some extend that phenomenon goes in pair with the typical profile of sales people. But does it really …?

Our combined experience can indeed confirm this is a fact of life in the majority of companies around the world but we also do strongly believe that it is very possible to substantially extend that period if the company can maintain or build an environment in which its sales team can develop itself on a regular basis to go from “good to great”.

S4U does not have a catalogue of coaching solutions to choose from but we discuss with our clients their specific needs and objectives and define specific programs which can be based on individual or team coaching activities. We can also discuss so called frame agreements or combinations of success based coaching programs.

GSPOnline LogoV2 with ®Building a great sales team includes the mandatory implementation of a dedicated discipline in the sales operation. Such a discipline must guarantee high efficiency and productiveness in both the sales team, its management and the whole company. To that particular discipline program, Salesmen4U have developped GSP Online a brand new and cloud based SPA-software application (Sales Performance Automation). This app is a simple yet very effective tool for sales teams and their management to better manage their buying (sales-) cycles.

If you wish more information or an in depth discussion, just let us know and we’d be happy to come over.

Q-TRAIN: Case study based training programs


“They learned their lessons well!”

Salesmen4U does not have a training center where Clients can book standard courses to help sales professionals to improve their cold calling or presentation skills or where they can get a basic sales training!

The reason for that is that there are many specialized and experienced companies in the market who have similar and readiliy available courses. We do however know some of these companies very well and we are working with some of them to include such trainings in our projects and programs if required.

We feel in that respect  that, in order to bring our Clients’ Sales Teams from good to being great, they are much more in need for hands on operational “Tips & Tricks” which we teach based on real life case studies. These trainings are heavily interactive and the case studies are developped to fit our Clients’ operational environments as close as possible so that the learnings can immediately be used in the field. We have obviously based the different screen plays for these cases on real life pre sales and/or account managament pratices from our founders and Partners. We also know from experience that unfortunately training sales pro’s is not a one time exercise! For companies to bring their sales team from good to great is something that should be stretched over a certain period of time in order to be effective.

It is therefore, as you might imagine, quite impossible for us to propose a ‘Catalog’ for standard training courses! In fact, without knowing the precise and complete environment that surrounds our Clients’ own sales team, we are not capable of making a comprehensive proposal for training of their sales people. We shall always first do a detailed intake meeting in order to understand this specific environment and then define with the Client the content and scope of the training program.

It might even be wise for any company wanting to bring it’s sales force from good to great, to do an initial assessment of all personnel directly involved with the sales team and of course the sales team itself.

More information and details can of course be given in a meeting. You can use the enquiry form for that purpose and we’ll get in contact as soon as possible.


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