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In our very first Q-NEWS issue of last March, we announced the opening of a new representative office for France headed by Denis Laurent in the Dijon area. We have therefore asked him what made him decide to join Salesmen4U as a Certified Client Partner.


Q-NEWS:Hi Denis and thank you for your time. So tell us a bit more about your career.”

Denis: “Since more than 30 years, my professional career has been driven essentially by commercial activities in the area of IT-services and CRM-software. I held various functions as a sales person, team leader and later as sales director with P&L responsibility in large, medium and small organizations.”

Q-NEWS: “30 years huh! I guess some of the reasons to join Salesmen4U started there?”

Denis: “You see, finding sales talent, doing the management, the reporting, the customer contacts, assessing the existing sales team and trying to enhance their performance, often all at the same time, were pretty stressful, very time consuming, frustrating and most of the time not very efficient due to missing in house support or tools. I also noticed that in many cases my company’s HR-department, if existing at all, was not really geared up to supply well adapted services to my business of sales! I just always hoped that there were or at least ought to be, affordable ways to innovate or drastically improve that particular aspect of managing sales people and –teams in Small and Medium Enterprises.”

Q-NEWS: “So you found it, right?”

Denis: “Well, if you are in your fifties, no matter what people say, it just doesn’t get any easier to find companies willing to take you on their payroll, does it? Many years ago, I therefore decided not to wait any longer and took the decision to start as a self-employed business man. In November ‘13 I read an advert on LinkedIn.com saying that Salesmen4u was looking for Certified Partners in many European countries. This advert came pretty close to my earlier frustrations and I checked out their website. I immediately felt a most probable fit between my own aspirations to help build sales teams and Salesmen4U’s value proposition.”

Q-NEWS: “Could you emphasize on that?”

Denis: “I don’t want to get into details but Q-METH, the methodology specifically created by their founders for SME’s, is rigorous, clear, no nonsense, loaded with high quality deliverables and foremost very affordable. It is supported and operated by Certified Partners who all have at least 15 years of experience in handling sales people and -teams and is above all focussed on understanding the environment surrounding that sales team such as company culture, leadership practices, communications and much more. Only then will one be able to deliver great services to great sales teams. I just wish I could have found such services when I was working for companies.”

Q-NEWS: “But what’s in it for you Denis?”

Denis: “My preliminary investigations on Salesmen4U showed … a clear and focussed strategic foundation, a detailed certification process, an honest and integer management board, a very attractive commission scheme and no fixed yearly member fees. A well founded and easy decision!”

Q-NEWS: “Thanks for this open interview and we wish you lots of success at Salesmen4U, Denis!”

S4U Headquarters Webmaster & Denis Laurent – Certified Partner – Dijon – France