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Then why would you settle for “average” salesmen?

Our combined experience of more than 100 years in handling sales professionals and –teams, learns that not more than 1 out of every 10 sales pro’s can be called “a great sales talent”! Of the 9 remaining, more than 50% are “average”, some 15% are outright “bad” and only 25% could be called “good”. If you then bring in the shocking conclusions of the article in this newsletter about the employee engagement crisis called “Leading from above the line”, things can go really bad very quickly!

The reasons for “average” or “bad” sales performance are various but the lack of sound “entrepreneurship” is with high certainty one of the most common. Furthermore, many SME-companies omit to attach serious importance to making sure that their salesmen’s profiles match the environment generated by the company and its stake-holders. If this match is missing or only partly there, great sales talent can be turned into “average” in no time with all dramatic consequences for the company.

So what is a real TALENT in Sales?

It is the difference between being a “Sales Employee” and being a “passionate Sales Entrepreneur”! At the end of the day,  in sales this also makes the difference between being GOOD or GREAT. Finding and evaluating these people, requires a specific methodology and experience in focusing on matching the person’s profile to that above mentioned company environment in which they will need to operate.

In addition, it’s not just about finding these talents but equally to retain them in your business as long as possible and finally to develop them by making them from good to great. The point for us is therefore to understand the company’s expectations and its strategic and tactical choices that make up the total environment. Only then will a company be able to build a mutually beneficial long lasting cooperation with its sales talents.

That’s exactly why Salesmen4U have decided to specialize on “Creating great sales teams” for the small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s).

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Martin Gaese – Certified S4U-Partner – Köln area – Germany